Guga S’Thebe Arts, Cultural & Heritage Centre

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Our Creative Spaces.

Explore our vibrant and diverse community of artists and makers. Our centre features six active studio spaces, each occupied by a talented and dedicated artist. From pottery to beading, our crafters work in a variety of mediums to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Browse their collections in our on-site arts and craft shop or enjoy live drumming performances in our outdoor amphitheatre.

Sustainable Design.

At Guga S’Thebe, we are committed to sustainability and innovation. Our multipurpose theatre is a testament to our dedication to using locally sourced and repurposed materials. Constructed out of old shipping containers and recycled wooden fruit crates, our theatre is a striking example of sustainable design. We believe that the arts can be a catalyst for social change and are proud to showcase our commitment to sustainable living.

Community Involvement.

At Guga S’Thebe, we believe that art and culture should be accessible to all. Our centre is a public space where members of the community can come together and enjoy a variety of performances, workshops, and events. We are proud to have collaborated with local organizations and community members to build our centre and offer programming that reflects the diverse interests and perspectives of our community.


Langa community remembers Philip Kgosana, a leader who fought against the pass laws.

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